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Effective Skin & Hair Care Ranges - Dr. Ophelia

Tailored solutions for your skin and hair concerns formulated by world-leading Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Ophelia Veraitch

An innovative line of hair elixirs, supplements and prescription skincare

Dr. Ophelia Veraitch

Dr. Ophelia Veraitch, award-winning Consultant Dermatologist

Dr. Ophelia Veraitch attracts clients to her Harley Street Practice from across the globe including well-known celebrities and several Royal families for the professional treatment of skin and hair conditions as well as aesthetic concerns. As a trusted voice in the industry, Dr. Veraitch represents the UK on the L’Oréal Paris International Board of Dermatologists.

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Individually Tailored Prescription Products

All the Dr. Ophelia Serums and Elixirs are formulated to meet your exact concerns and needs. In just under 5 minutes, you can set a personal profile which will allow Dr. Ophelia Veraitch to compound the perfect product, exclusively for you.


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'Dr Ophelia's hair tonics are amazing - I recently noticed hair thinning in my parting and around my hairline during lockdown. They are super easy to use (not too oily) and after a couple of months I could notice a huge difference. It's given my confidence back and I will definitely continue to use for further results!'

Anna Marples

Star Star Star Star Star

'Following hair loss in my early twenties, PRF combined with Dr Ophelia's hair tonics has given me a new found confidence - I have been trialing different hair growth methods for years and this is the first time i've noticed visible difference. Thank you so much!'

Hal, Richmond

Star Star Star Star Star

'My acne scars and hormonal outbreaks affect my confidence a lot so having Dr Ophelia's knowledge and expertise behind my treatment plan is very reassuring! I am already seeing a huge reduction in outbreaks'

Elinor M, London

Star Star Star Star Star

'Dr Ophelia prescribed me retinol cream for under my eye texture which has bothered me for ages! Previous Reinols had led to reaction/ flaking skin - however, Dr Ophelia was able to give me the perfect strength formula not to cause reaction - the texture is lovely & looking forward to the results!'

Anna, London

Star Star Star Star Star

'Dr. Ophelia's knowledge and experience gave me great confidence in trusting her with my facial treatments! She always makes me feel comfortable and at ease'

Joanne M, Surrey

Star Star Star Star Star

'A note to say how pleased I am with the hair tonic that Dr. Veraitch has prescribed for me. As time goes by my hair seems to regain more and more life. I have not used anything before on my hair that has given my roots such a lift. Very pleased to date.'

NM, London

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