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Hair Vitamins

Vitamins for hair loss and the maintenance of healthier, stronger hair.

Healthy hair requires nutrients. If yours is lacking in shine or prone to breakages, or if you suffer from hair loss and thinning, you may benefit from a daily boost of important vitamins.

The ‘Dr Ophelia Hair Vitamins’ range is a supplement programme – developed by the award-winning Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Ophelia Veraitch, and backed by scientific and clinical data.

It’s designed to provide the key nutrients required, in the perfect quantities, to support normal hair health and growth. Just take one tablet, twice a day, for optimal hair care and maintenance. 

Scientifically developed to achieve real results

Vitamins for hair growth can be bought in most health stores. However, these over-the-counter products can be problematic for several reasons: 

  • They very rarely have the correct combination or concentration of vitamins needed to achieve results 
  • They tend to contain very low doses of nutrients. But to support optimal hair growth, high-normal – or even slightly above normal – levels are required 
  • Their ingredients might not be backed by scientific or clinical data 
  • They usually contain biotin. Not only is there zero scientific evidence to support the use of this vitamin for hair, it can cause hair shedding and the FDA warn against its use – as it can interfere with the results of certain medical tests. 

By contrast, Dr Ophelia Hair Vitamins are the ‘gold standard’.

The specific formula is based on the 7 vitamins routinely prescribed by Dr Ophelia in her specialist hair clinic. But rather than having to purchase these vitamins separately, they’re compounded into just two daily tablets.

Only nutrients that are scientifically proven to help are included. It’s a completely biotin-free supplement and each tablet has the exact vitamin combination and levels required, to support ongoing hair maintenance and growth. 

Day and night doses of hair vitamins

Most hair vitamins found in-store come as just one tablet to take every 24 hours. 

However, our body works differently throughout the day. To maximum absorption, certain vitamins – such as zinc and iron – should ideally be taken at different times. Which is why Dr Ophelia Hair Vitamins include two separate doses – one to take in the morning, one to take at night.

Each dosage is designed to promote optimal absorption of the nutrients. The individual tablets contain the specific vitamin measures required, to maximise absorption at that particular time of day. And as a result, they successfully support healthy hair growth.

The hair vitamins are supplied in an easy-to-use ‘day and night’ twin pack – with enough tablets to last for 3 months. And not only are they a safe day-to-day solution, suitable for long-term use, they will also support your general health and wellbeing. 

Speak directly with the experts

If you have any questions about vitamins for hair loss and how they work, or if you’d like advice on the best supplement programme for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact our experts.

Either call us on +44 (20) 7022 9888 or send an email to If you prefer, you can also book a one-to-one consultation at Dr Ophelia’s clinical practice – based on Harley Street, London. Simply fill out our online booking form and a member of the team will respond to your enquiry. 


What are the active ingredients in our hair vitamins?

Both Dr Ophelia Maintenance Hair Vitamins and Dr Ophelia Advanced Hair Vitamins contain the same active ingredients – just in slightly different levels, to address different hair conditions.

The ‘morning tablet’ is made from a combination of iron, vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid and selenium. Whilst the evening tablet includes just two key nutrients – vitamin D3 and zinc.

Supported by scientific and clinical data, these are regarded as the best vitamins for hair loss. Each tablet contains the perfect combination and dosage to create genuine results, encouraging the optimal absorption of nutrients and successfully supporting healthy hair maintenance and growth. 

Which is the right supplement programme for me?

This depends on the particular issue you’d like to address.

To support healthy hair, our ‘Hair Vitamins Maintenance’ programme is likely to be the best option. This features the ideal combination and dosage of nutrients required, to help maintain the overall condition of your hair.

By contrast, the ‘Hair Vitamins Advanced’ programme is designed for people who are actively losing their hair. It contains a higher dosage of the active ingredients – therefore can only be used for 6-9 months – and is an ideal supportive treatment to underpin an effective hair loss regimen.

For tailored advice on the best hair vitamins for your needs, you can either call us on +44 (20) 7022 9888 or book an initial consultation at our specialist hair clinic. We’re always happy to help. 

Do vitamins for hair growth work?

Yes, absolutely. Many research studies have now shown that vitamin and nutrient supplements can successfully support the maintenance of healthy hair.

However, it’s important to note, not all hair vitamins are created equal. To be effective, they need to contain the correct combination and dosage of vitamins.

Unlike many shop-bought products, our tablets have been formulated based on expert knowledge, and only contain nutrients that are evidenced by clinical data. This specific combination of vitamins has been scientifically proven to support normal hair growth – with the standard ‘maintenance’ dose helping to improve the condition of hair, and the ‘advanced’ dosage aiding growth and recovery from hair loss.