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Clinic Prices


New patient consultation - Skin


New patient consultation – Hair


Follow up consultation


Nurse Consultation


Scalp/Hair Treatments

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF)/ platelet rich plasma (PRP)

From £960

Dutasteride mesotherapy

From £460

Polynucleotides for hair

From £400

Skin Treatments

Chemical peels (glycolic, salicylic, lactic)

From £150

Hydrafacial Platinum


VIPEEL Purify and Precision Plus

From £400

Light/Laser Device Treatments

Cyanosure Elite+ laser hair removal

From £80

Fraxel Dual

from £320

Intense pulse light (IPL)

from £320

Vascular laser (ND:Yag)

from £300


from £700


from £1500


from £1500

Injectable Treatments (Face)


From £300


from £400

Profhilo (injectable hyaluronic acid "skin booster")

From £400

Dermal fillers

From £400

Ellanse collagen stimulation

from £560

Aqualyx fat Dissolving Treatment

from £400

Lanluma Body Sculpting/Cellulite Treatment

from £1600

Skin Procedures

Steroid Injection 


Destruction of benign skin lesions (laser and non-laser) 

from £300

Shave biopsy

Prices on Request

Diagnostic punch biopsy

Prices on Request

Excision biopsy

Prices on Request

Wide local excision

Prices on Request