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Clinic Prices


New patient consultation - Medical, cosmetic, mole checks (30 mins)


New patient consultation – complex, recommended for hair (45 mins)


Follow up consultation (20 mins)


Scalp/Hair Treatments

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF)/ platelet rich plasma (PRP) to treat hair thinning and hair loss
A course of 4 treatments is recommended, and when bought in advance as a package 20% discount to total price applied i.e. £960 per treatment and £3840 for course of 4 treatments


Injectable Treatments (Face)

Botox - cosmetic

£300 (1 area), £350 (2 areas), £400 (3 areas)

Profhilo (injectable hyaluronic acid "skin booster")
2 treatments recommended per course

£500 per area per treatment*

Dermal filler

£500 per ml

Ellanse collagen stimulation

£700 per ml

Injectable Treatments (Body)

Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment

£500 per area

Lanluma body sculpting/ cellulite treatment

£2000 per area

Chemical Peels

VIPEEL for pigmentation

£800 per treatment

Laser Treatments

Fractional resurfacing laser (ICON) for acne scar treatment and rejuvenation

£600 per treatment

Intense pulse light (IPL) for rejuvenation

£600 per treatment

Vascular laser (pulse dye laser) for redness

£600 per treatment

Nd:Yag laser hair removal

pricing on request

Dermatological Surgery

Intralesional steroid injection 

£175 per injection


£150 per lesion

Destruction of benign skin lesions (laser and non-laser) 

£600 >3 lesions

Shave biopsy* 

£600 per lesion

Excision biopsy* 

£1200 per lesion

*Excludes histopathologist fee to analyse tissue sample
*Doctors fee
includes the facility fee