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Hair Growth Tonics

An effective hair tonic, to help reverse hair thinning and promote hair growth.

Developed by the award-winning and highly coveted Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Ophelia Veraitch, the ‘Hair Growth Elixir’ is an industry-leading product that is proven to be safe, effective and convenient.

It’s made from a combination of key active ingredients. All of which have been selected based upon clinical and scientific data, with much evidence they successfully promote hair growth. And to meet your specific medical requirements, a bespoke formula will be created just for you.

Simply apply to the scalp once a day for thicker and longer hair.


Hair growth tonics made by the expert

With so many products available, all claiming to be a ‘cure’ for hair loss, it can be difficult to know which is the right one for you. But our collection of hair growth tonics cuts through the confusion.

Formulated by an experienced dermatologist – with a thorough understanding of hair follicle biology – the Hair Growth Elixir only contains ingredients that are scientifically proven to be effective.

These include finasteride, melatonin and minoxidil.

If massaged into the scalp every evening, for 3 months or more, these ingredients have been shown to support and accelerate hair growth, strengthen hair and reduce overall hair loss.

An elixir designed specifically for you

Not only are they backed by scientific research, our hair growth tonics are also bespoke.

After filling out a simple medical questionnaire, Dr Ophelia will prescribe your ‘perfect’ hair tonic – putting together the best combination of active ingredients and bases to meet your exact requirements. This tonic will then be created, for you personally, in our London laboratory.

As the Hair Growth Elixir is tailored specifically to you and your unique needs, it’s more effective than generic off-the-shelf products and can be used long-term, as part of your daily hair routine.


Pre-order your bespoke hair tonic today

The Hair Growth Elixir is a prescription product. Therefore, to place an order, you will need to create an account and complete a questionnaire. This will take no more than 5 minutes, but it allows us to customise our active ingredient concentrations and ensure the product is perfectly tailored to you.

For further information about our hair growth tonics, please feel free to get in touch with our team. 

You can call us on +44 (20) 7022 9888, send an email to Dr Ophelia’s Medical PA via, or book a consultation at our specialist hair clinic on Harley Street.



Which is the right hair growth tonic for me?

We currently offer two hair growth tonics – the Hair Growth Elixir and the Hair Growth Elixir Plus.

Both of these contain the active ingredients, finasteride and melatonin – which have been scientifically shown to help with hair loss and thinning and are safe for topical usage. However, Elixir Plus also contains minoxidil.

High doses of minoxidil (up to 10%) can be very effective, but this ingredient isn’t suitable for everyone. Minoxidil can lead to the shedding of old hair follicles. Therefore, it’s only usually recommended for patients who have used over-the-counter preparations before and wish to increase their concentration (above 5% minoxidil). It’s also unsuitable for patients with rosacea.

For tailored advice on the best hair tonic for your needs, the best option is to contact us. We’re always happy to help and our active ingredients can be varied to create the optimum treatment for you.


How do hair growth tonics work?

The three active ingredients in our hair growth tonics work in slightly different ways.

To give you a quick summary, finasteride is an anti-testosterone – which inhibits the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and, as a result, supports natural hair growth. Melatonin (a sleep hormone) helps to promote hair growth throughout the night. And, as a vasodilator, minoxidil boosts the amount of oxygen-rich blood that’s delivered to the hair follicles and therefore promotes the hair’s natural growth cycle.

All of these ingredients are scientifically proven to be effective. Together, they can help to reverse hair thinning and loss. And depending on your specific hair concerns and medical needs, varying concentrations of each can be used to create a hair tonic that is perfect for you.  


Are hair tonics easy to use?

Yes, absolutely. Simply take two half pipettes of the hair tonic from the bottle and apply it to a dry scalp. Due to its effectiveness, it’s important to avoid contact with any areas of your face/body where hair growth is not desired and massage the tonic gently into your skin.

The Hair Growth Elixir is light enough that it can be used daily, even if you don’t wash your hair every day. Each pack contains three 30ml bottles, which is enough to last for approximately 3 months. But as it’s specified to meet your exact requirements and medical needs, it’s perfectly safe for long-term use and can become part of your ongoing daily haircare routine.