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Day and night acne serums, to help breakout-prone skin and reduce inflammation and blemishes

If you suffer from congested or acne-prone skin, and are tired of using ineffective over-the-counter treatments, our targeted acne serums could be the answer.

Dr Ophelia Acne Serums are prescription-based products – prepared by the well-known and trusted Consultant Dermatologist, Dr Ophelia Veraitch. Made from the ideal blend of active ingredients, they’re scientifically proven to help with breakouts and inflammation, and adjusted to suit your skin.

Apply once in the morning and once at night to provide round-the-clock skincare.


A clear winner for real results

Countless acne serums can be found in beauty stores. However, these off-the-shelf products usually contain the wrong ingredients to relieve symptoms of acne. And they’re often packed full of fragrance and preservatives that can actually damage the skin – causing more harm than good.

By contrast, Dr Ophelia Acne Serums are formulated by a true industry expert.

They only contain active ingredients that are clinically proven to help. Both the day and night blends are far more effective than anything found on the high street, backed by strong scientific data. Plus, as a hypoallergic serum – free from any scents or parabens – they are gentle enough to be used long-term as part of your daily skincare routine. Serum bases can be selected to suit your skin type, always ensuring they don’t clog up your pores.


Prescription-based acne serum tailored to you

Everyone’s skin is unique. Which is why our acne serums are adjusted to suit your specific needs.

After filling out a skin questionnaire, Dr Ophelia will prescribe your ‘optimum’ serum. Based on this prescription, varying concentrations of each ingredient will be used to create the ideal day and night blend – for you, personally. And these blends will then be made, bespoke to order, at our laboratory.

As a serum made specifically to treat your acne, it’s significantly more effective than shop-bought treatments. And with regular use, you can expect to see real results.


Invest in the best serum for acne

To order Dr Ophelia Day and Night Acne Serums, you will first need to create an account and share some relevant information regarding your skin health and acne concerns. The questionnaire should take no longer than 5 minutes and allows us to customise the serum to meet your needs.

If you have any questions about using a serum for acne, or to discuss our products in further detail, please do not hesitate to contact our experts. Either give us a call on +44 (20) 7022 9888 or send an email to Alternatively, you’re welcome to visit our specialist clinic – based on Harley Street, London. Simply fill out the form to book an initial consultation and we will be in touch.



Do I need to use both acne serums?

In most cases, yes – we would recommend using both of our acne serums. These two products are designed to complement each other.

Dr Ophelia Acne Day Serum contains a blend of three active ingredients – niacinamide, salicylic acid and zinc sulphate. Which, together, help to reduce inflammation and blemishes and regulate skin tone. Dr Ophelia Acne Night Serum, on the other hand, contains tretinoin, clindamycin and azelaic acid. Active ingredients that have been shown to clear skin and help to prevent future acne breakouts.

For best results, we typically recommend applying 1-2 pumps of our ‘day’ formula every morning, followed by a very small amount (no more than one pump) of the ‘night’ formula before bed. Due to its strong effect, to begin with, you should also apply the ‘night’ formula just 1-2 nights a week – slowly increasing the frequency of its application as it’s tolerated.


How do our acne serums work?

Formulated in a serum base, both our day and night serums are lightweight – so they won’t clog your pores. And unlike thicker formulas (e.g. creams and moisturisers) which often sit on the surface, they rapidly absorb into the skin and deeply penetrate the affected cells.

Here, the active ingredients can quickly get to work.

These ingredients are scientifically backed and proven to help with congested and acne-prone skin. Together, they offer an effective all-around treatment for healthier-looking skin – helping to clear existing breakouts and reduce inflammation, whilst stopping further breakouts in their tracks.  


Are Dr Ophelia Acne Serums suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely. Most acne serums available on the high street contain compounds that are harsh and damaging to the skin, particularly for those suffering from acne. But our formula is different.

Free from fragrance and parabens, it is completely hypoallergenic – and successfully reduces inflammation and breakouts, whilst being kind and gentle to the skin. As such, it is perfectly suitable for patients with sensitive skin and can safely become a part of your daily skincare routine.