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Article: Introducing Morpheus8

Introducing Morpheus8

Introducing Morpheus8

What exactly is Morpheus8? 

Morpheus8 is a really effective skin tightening and lifting treatment combining Radio Frequency with Microneedling techniques. It became really famous a couple of years ago when Judy Murray revealed her impressive before and after pictures after having 3 rounds of the treatment (as well as using a regime of medical grade strength skincare). Dr Ophelia and other dermatologists agree, “It’s a serious treatment with impressive results and is definitely an alternative to going under the knife.” 


How exactly does it work? 

Morpheus8 uses microneedling needles to deliver radio frequency energy deep into the skin, which has a sort of shrink-wrapping effect on the collagen within the skin so the skin will regenerate from the inside out. You also get the beneficial effect of the microneedling, which creates tiny wounds in the skin, and as those heal you get an extra degree of collagen and skin regeneration. 


So what can it do? 

As Judy Murray’s pictures show, this treatment can be really transformative. It’s particularly good if you want more definition on the lower face (i.e. jawline lifting and tightening). Also it’s good to note, it works particularly well on those with fuller faces. You really can tailor it to where ever you need lifting or tightening. It can also be used to smooth crepey necks and any crepiness on the décolletage between the breasts as well as the tummy area after having children. It’s also works well for for acne scarring. 


Does it hurt? 

It’s not the most comfortable treatment which is why a local anaesthetic numbing cream is applied about 30 minutes before which will take the edge off any discomfort. And you probably should factor in a day or so of downtime when the skin may be a bit pink afterwards. 


When will I see results? 

You’ll see results after a few days which will keep getting better and better over the following few weeks.  


How many sessions are needed? 

Obviously it depends person to person but on average 3 – 4 treatments are needed approximately 4 – 6 weeks apart. 

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