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90 days supply (twin pack of morning and evening doses)

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Featuring the ideal combination of nutrients to help support healthy looking hair, the Hair Vitamins Maintenance programme is based on the vitamins routinely prescribed by Dr. Ophelia Veraitch’s in her specialist hair clinic, this product provides the gold-standard in nutritional support. 

With many unaware of the exact vitamins and levels required for optimal hair maintenance in addition to the exact combinations required, many off-the-shelf hair multivitamins don’t have the correct vitamins at an adequate dosage or combination to achieve results.  Therefore, opting for the Dr. Ophelia Hair Vitamins Maintenance is not only a safe solution for ongoing use, but the vitamin combination even contains additional skin and immune system benefits as well.

How to Use

In an easy-to-use twin pack that will last 3 months, you will find separate morning and evening pots (doses). Taking separate doses is vital for ensuring optimal absorption of the nutrients. Take x 1 morning tablet each morning, and x 1 evening tablet each evening. It is advised to take both servings with food.

Active Ingredients

Morning Dose:
Iron - 14mg
Vitamin C - 100mg
Vitamin B12 - 15ug
Folic acid - 200ug
Selenium - 55ug

Evening Dose:
Vitamin D3 - 1,000 IU
Zinc - 18mg


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