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Scar treatment

Scar treatment

Scarring is the process whereby fibrous tissue is laid down during wound healing. Over the course of 18 months the appearance of a scar will usually improve, however some scars may remain persistently unsightly or uncomfortable. Hypertrophic and keloid scars are raised and lumpy scars. They can be itchy and can extend well beyond the original wound site.

In acne scarring Dr. Ophelia will underline the importance of treating the underlying acne before improvements to the scarring are sought. In most cases once the acne has been treated, the resultant post inflammatory and scarring associated with the acne will improve substantially over a period of months. In a small proportion of acne patients, after the acne has been treated, scarring will persist and require further treatment.

The appearance of all types of scars can often be significantly improved. Dr. Ophelia may recommend a combination of techniques be selected from gels, creams, injections, microneedling and laser based therapies.