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Fat dissolving injection Belkyra®

Belkyra® (also known as KYBELLA® in the United States) is an injectable fat dissolving treatment that reduces the fat under the chin. 

This new FDA procedure can eliminate a double chin without surgery and can improve definition of the jawline.  

Belkyra® is comprised of a synthetic form of deoxycholic acid, a naturally occurring substance in the human body. When injected into the treatment area it destroys the membranes of local fat cells, thereby releasing the fat inside. This fat is then naturally eliminated from the body.

Belkyra® is licenced for dissolving double chin fat and for improving jawline definition. 

What to expect from Belkyra® treatment:

Discomfort during the procedure is minimised by using a topical anaesthetic cream and if required, a local anaesthetic injection. Following the injection of Belkyra into the treatment area it takes between 2- 4 weeks for the fat cells to dissolve and for the effects of treatment to become visible. The treatment takes around 20 minutes.

Downtime following Belkyra injections is minimal. Most clients return to work and resume normal daily activity immediately after treatment. It is advised that strenuous exercise for a few days after treatment as this can increase bruising and exacerbate localised swelling.

Side effects following Belkyra treatment are relatively minor and can be easily managed. The most common side effect is swelling near the injection site which can last for a few days following treatment. Other potential side effects may include; bruising, itchiness, redness, and mild discomfort. Very occasionally clients can experience some tenderness surrounding the injection site which for some individuals can persist up to two months post treatment.