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Ellanse collagen stimulator


"Ellanse is an injectable material that promotes collagen production. It's my favourite for restoring lost volume to the cheeks and chin" Dr. Ophelia Veraitch, Consultant Dermatologist.


  • Fills wrinkles and folds
  • Redefines shampoo and contours
  • Reverses the signs of ageing
  • Rejuvinates face and provides a noticeable improvement in skin quality (density, firmness, elasticity, tonicity and texture).


Ellanse begins by correcting wrinkles and folds, then goes on to stimulate the body’s natural collagen production – resolving the underlying causes of facial ageing.


What is Ellanse?

Ellanse is a synthetic injectable material containing skin-smoothing microparticles called polycaprolactone.

Initially the line or wrinkles are filled by a gel-like substance. After this, as the gel dissolves, the Ellanse induces the stimulation of the body’s own collagen. 

Is Ellanse safe?

Ellanse has a CE mark for use in Europe which means it has been through the necessary clinical trials for safety and efficacy.

What areas and problems can be treated?

Ellanse smoothes wrinkles, fills facial depressions and furrows and is also used for hand rejuvenation. 

It is ideal for adding lost volume to cheek depressions and chin. Some types of scars can also be treated.

How many treatments will I need? 

Clinical trials show improvement after one or two injections of Ellanse lasting 12 to 24 months of more. 

What happens during the procedure?

Local anaesthetic cream is applied prior to the are being treated being cleaned, ready for treatment.  The injections of Ellanse are strategically placed under the skin either using a needle or a canal, depending the area being treated.

What will I notice after treatment?

Immediately after the first series of injections the depression or lines appear to be corrected.  After a few weeks these results will disappear.   This is normal but new collagen production is starting in the deeper skin layer. The end result may take several months to be achieved.