Dr Ophelia Dr Ophelia

Hair and scalp health

With her unique academic and clinical background in hair, Dr Ophelia is one of the few Consultant Dermatologists in the UK to have a specialist interest in the diagnosis and treatment of hair disorders. Extensive experience both in the UK and in international centers of excellence, including Rome, Bologna and Tokyo, has afforded her unique expertise and skill with which to offer cutting edge treatments for patients suffering with hair loss and scalp disorders. As well as consulting privately, Dr Ophelia founded the UCLH Specialist Hair Clinic.

During her training Dr Ophelia was awarded a highly competitive PhD fellowship and completed a PhD in hair follicle bioengineering in the Nobel Prize winning laboratory at Keio University School of Medicine in Tokyo, Japan. She has published numerous papers in high impact scientific journals and was awarded multiple international prizes for her work.

Due to the complexity of assessing and managing hair and scalp loss disorders appropriately, Dr Ophelia is able to offer extended new patient consultations if required (at request).

Dr Ophelia understands the devastating effect that hair loss can have on a patient, and during your consultation she will take the time to thoroughly understand your concerns. Dr Ophelia takes an evidence-based approach to treatment and is constantly striving to introduce novel and more effective therapies into her practice.

She will carefully evaluate the cause of your hair loss and carry out a detailed history and clinical examination of the hair and scalp with trichoscopy. Based upon this assessment she will advise appropriate investigations and discuss treatment options.