Dr Ophelia Dr Ophelia


Dr Ophelia is one of the few UK board certified Consultant Dermatologists who is also well experienced and established within the aesthetic industry. 

For aesthetic concerns Dr Ophelia will always take a minimalist approach that gives a natural improvement in appearance without the appearance of having had ‘work done’.



At the clinic a wide range of treatments are available to provide effective solutions to skin and hair concerns:

Platelet rich fibrin (PRF) / platelet rich plasma (PRP) for hair thinning and loss

Anti-wrinkle injections for anti-ageing

Profhilo "skin booster"

Chemical peels e.g. VIPEEL to treat pigmentation

Light based treatments e.g. intense pulse light (IPL) therapy

Laser based treatments e.g. pulse dye laser (PDL) and ICON

Steroid injections 

Destruction of benign skin lesions


Shave biopsies

Surgical excisions



In addition to her encyclopaedic knowledge of medical Dermatology, Dr Ophelia is highly knowledgeable in the field of skincare and the current trends within the industry. For your skin requirements, Dr Ophelia will provide a personalized skincare plan to optimize your skin health. This might include combinations of established medical skincare ranges with her increasingly popular personalized prescriptive Dr Ophelia range.